1. The Chicago River:

Chicago River, St. Patrick's Day

JIM YOUNG/Reuters /Landov

It's been a tradition since 1962. For about 12 hours leading up to the annual St. Paddy's Day parade, the river runs bright green. How do they turn it green? That's a secret only the Chicago Journeymen Plumbs Union knows.

Watch the entire river turn green in just 30 seconds here:

2. This guy's beard:

St. Patrick's Day

Getty Images

3. And this guy's beard:

4. And this Beyoncé's hair:

(OK, technically this wasn't for St. Patrick's Day, it was for her "Superpower" music video. But has anyone seen Bey today? Maybe her hair is bright green again! And maybe Blue's is too!)

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5. This dog:

6. And that dog:

And no one dyes a cat green and lives to tweet about it.

7. This Leaning Tower of Pisa:

St. Patrick's Day

Getty Images

Although not "dyed" is still bright green for the day.

8. These cupcakes:

9. These cookies:

10. This McDonald's Shamrock Shake:

Shamrock Shake


 (We love you, Shamrock Shake!)

11. This doughnut:

12 And this bagel:

Which is basically the same as a green donut, except less delicious.

13. This beer:

St. Patrick's Day

Getty Images

14. And this beer:

15. And this beer:

16. And this green vegan drink

Ew, healthy. Gross. BRING BACK THE BEER!

17. This beer:

18. And this shot:

Happy St. Patrick's Day. Cheers.

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