Watch Savannah Guthrie Announce Her Pregnancy to Guests at Her Weekend Wedding!

News anchor also revealed that she's four months pregnant

By Lily Harrison Mar 17, 2014 5:39 PMTags
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It was a busy weekend for Today anchor Savannah Guthrie!

The 42-year-old married her fiancé Mike Feldman and announced that she's four months pregnant with her first baby.

The newlyweds exchanged vows in front of friends and family (including her Today show co-anchors) in her hometown of Tucson, Ariz.

"It was beautiful. Just everything I could have dreamed," said Guthrie, whose brother, Camron, walked her down the aisle. "We just wanted to have this private moment. It was a small wedding. We just wanted that moment with our close friends and family to basically drop a big bomb on them."

Matt Lauer revealed his favorite part of the evening on today's morning show.

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"The dinner site was beautiful, all the candles on the table and you got up and made a nice toast and speeches and I had a blast," he revealed on the show.

"I had one moment that was my favorite moment," Lauer added. The camera cut to video of the wedding shortly before the newlyweds made a toast. "This is an NBC News special report" was heard over the loudspeaker to catch everyone's attention.

"I feel like the least that we could do is break some news," Guthrie is seen saying to the guests. "I, or we, are four months pregnant!"

Wedding attendees went wild with the news and immediately rose to their feet to clap and cheer.

Congratulations to the future family of three!

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