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Good thing E!'s Eric & Jessie: Game On reality show stars Jessie James and Eric Decker aren't camera shy. 

"I'm going to probably have a personal camera to film the actual birth," Jessie told me the other day from the couple's home in Denver.

Jessie is due March 28. Their show's second season premieres just two days later on March 30.

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And it was just four days ago that Eric signed a five-year deal with the New York Jets reportedly worth $36.5 million. Eric begins spring training in mid-April. "We'll have about a solid month to get comfortable with the new baby, so when Jessie is ready to travel east, we'll go," Eric said. "And if I have to go a little bit earlier, I will. I want to make the transition and move as comfortable as possible for Jessie."

They're not letting all that's going on get to them. "We're going to balance it just the way we've been balancing it," Jessie said. "We just don't over-dramatize anything. Generally, we enjoy everything we do, and if it gets stressful, we just deal with it right then and there, but we're not overly dramatic people in situations. We find a solution and make it work."

Eric Decker, Jessie James

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Jessie isn't shy about revealing how tough the pregnancy has been. She suffered extreme nausea for the first four months followed by an ongoing bout of carpel tunnel syndrome and tendinitis because of all the water she's been retaining. She also battled the H1NI flue virus, aka the swine flu.

"It's been one thing after the other," Jessie said. "But I will say the best thing about the situation is [the baby] has been and remains so healthy. She's above and beyond healthy. Not one thing affected her. It's just been me suffering through it, but it's worth it as long as she's a chubby healthy baby."

The couple does want more kids. "We want a big house full of puppies and kids," Jessie said. "It's something we're looking forward to."

The second season of Eric & Jessie: Game On kicks off Sunday, March 30, at 10 p.m. on E!

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