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Let's get straight to it, TV lovers.

You want spoilers and we've got plenty of it! In today's edition of Spoiler Chat, we've got exclusive details on some of the most popular series gracing our TV screens.

Read on for jaw-dropping scoop from Pretty Little Liars' Sasha Pieterse on Ali's heart-pounding revelations in Tuesday's season four finale. TV hunk, Jensen Ackles, reveals what's ahead for battling duo, Abaddon and Dean on Supernatural and How I Met Your Mother's Cristin Milioti spills on the highly anticipated series finale. Plus, we've got scoop on Psych, Law and Order: SVU and so much more! 

Scott: Okay, I admit it: I still love Two and a Half Men. There, I said it. Got anything for me?
Hey no judgment—A lot of people still love that crazy Malibu beach house and things are about to get a whole lot crazier! In episode 20, our relationship-challenged Alan Harper is going to be surrounded by some pretty beautiful honeys. Two gorgeous gals, Tracy and Donna, are going to show up in Alan's new chiropractic clinic and let's just say, things get pretty damn awkward… 

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@gatorpez: Will we see more Dean-Ab scenes in S9 or even S10 of Supernatural?
Oh, are you and Abaddon on nickname basis now? Rude! Any-whoo, Supernatural fans can definitely took forward to more scenes between the battling duo, as Jensen Ackles teases, "I will say that I do know that that will come to a head. There will be a blow out there, and Dean will get the fight that he's been looking for." We'll take your bets now!

Julie: The threat of a Bensidy breakup on Law & Order: SVU has been giving my heartburn for WEEKS. Why? When? What?
We've heard your cries. SVU exec producer Warren Leight said some things will be addressed in an upcoming episode, specifically with Baby Boy Doe, the baby everybody wants Olivia to adopt. "Well, that's part of the question: What are Cassidy's views on starting a family or growing old with somebody? Episode 19 has a good amount of that personal drama, as well as a really disturbing story ‘cause that's what we do," Leight told us. "It's a very tough story about a 23-year-old woman who finds out that she was the victim of horrific abuse when she was younger and it's on the Internet. It's a story about her lost childhood and interwoven with that is a little bit of Baby Boy Doe's rough start."

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Trista: I need need need Pretty Little Liars spoilers. Please give me anything!
We just got back from chatting with the cast and creators of Pretty Little Liars at the fan-frenzied PaleyFest and star Sasha Pieterse had plenty of goodies to share about Tuesday night's season four finale "The finale is jam-packed with craziness and there's a lot that goes on," Pieterse spilled. "The fifth season is like a reboot, there's so many great things that happen in the fifth season and there's a lot of changes too." All we will say is get ready for Miss DiLaurentis' grand debut back into the mysterious world of Rosewood!

Maya: I'm so worried about the Psych finale being called "The Breakup!" Can you make me feel any better about my favorite show ending? I'm crying! Help! 
Stop crying! The end is still almost two weeks away, and there's really no need to worry. Despite the ominous title, the finale will be perfect. Tears will be shed, yes, but we can promise you that they're tears with a glorious happy ending that will fill even the bitterest of hearts with the sweet taste of donuts, spiced flax-seed, and thorough satisfaction. All your favorite characters get their moment to shine, including the infamous Dobson, who we finally get to meet. All will be (mostly) well in Psych-land, and we're pretty sure you won't have much more to ask for by the time the doors close on Santa Barbara (murder capital of the world) for good - or at least, for now. 

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HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, Cristin Milioti

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William: I know you have How I Met Your Mother secrets—spill them now!
Ahh, you caught us! We just chatted with the flawless Cristin Milioti about HIMYM's highly anticipated series finale and now we're even more excited/terrified/nervous/worried to watch the final episode. "I cried," Milioti revealed when asked about wrapping the final episode. "It was so amazing to see this group of people and this thing that has been their lives for nine years. It was amazing to be apart of it and I'm very sad and I didn't want it to end. I could've gone another two years."

Trisha: I can't believe that [Spoiler!] Zelena is Regina's half-sister on Once Upon a Time! What's coming up for the wickedly evil villains?
When we chatted with OUAT's Lana Parilla, the actress was quick to state the differences between our two malicious sisters. "She wants to hurt people for different reasons than the evil queen wanted to kill Snow White," she stressed. "Their costumes are very similar, but their intentions are very different, like they're fighting for different causes. She wants to hurt people for different reasons. She's wicked." Oooh do you think wicked always wins? Shout out your allegiance in the comments below!

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