Brooke Burke-Charvet remains a little confused about her sudden departure from Dancing With the Stars—but she's optimistically hoping for the best for everyone involved.

"Well, I found out on a Friday, just like you guys found out on a Friday, and I think I don't quite understand it, like a lot of people," the season seven champ turned cohost for seven seasons said today during her sit-down on E! News. "I'm a little sad to see Harold Wheeler and the band go, that was the soul of the show. A lot of changes, but for me I think, in the bigger picture, it's a really good thing."

Brooke exclusively confirmed to E! News on Feb. 21 (yes, a Friday) that she wouldn't be returning as cohost. Erin Andrews was revealed as Brooke's replacement two days later and will be joining Tom Bergeron as he embarks on his 18th season as emcee on Monday.

"I don't have any hard feelings," Brooke assured E! News' Terrence Jenkins and Ali Fedotowski. "I'm doing an ABC sitcom for the next few weeks, I'm movin' on. I had eight fabulous seasons [including being a contestant]. I celebrate it.

"I think I did everything I could do in the ballroom, you know," she added, "and I take that as a blessing, and I'm excited. I have a new project, I might do something totally different. I'm going to dabble in the sitcom world a little bit, I mean, who knows?"

The married mother of four is shooting a two-episode guest arc on ABC Family's Melissa & Joey, alongside Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence, both past DWTS contestants.

Tom Bergeron, Brooke Burke-Chavret

ABC/Adam Taylor

While Terrence and Ali had her in studio, they of course wanted her take on a new report that season 18 contestant Cody Simpson, who is only 17, has a contract that requires him to keep his microphone pack on at all times.

"I have never heard anything about that, but I'll 'fess up a little bit: Sometimes I wouldn't even take my mic off when I would have to run to the ladies room," Brooke said.

"But that doesn't make a whole lot of sense." However, she added, "but in their defense they do have to capture all moments so they can build their story lines."

Asked if the contestants are allowed to approach a producer to discuss getting certain footage omitted, say if he or she blows up during rehearsal in embarrassing fashion, Brooke said, "They want to show that, they want to really develop those stories, which is fair, but I haven't heard anything about [Cody's alleged contract]."

"I didn't get involved on that side of it," she added, "but everything is being taped and captured, so what we see really happens. I will say that much."

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