Grandma Betty Instagram


If you follow one new Instagram account this weekend, it should be this one.

Zach Belden's great-grandma Betty is losing her fight with cancer, so to document her last days and to give her friends and family updates on her life in southern Indiana, he set up an Instagram account for her. But instead of just a way for loved ones to see Betty, it also became an Instagram that total strangers couldn't help but be captured by.

"The idea was to start an account for my friends who know Grandma Betty," Zach told Louisville's WDRB. "And it turned out to be something everybody started to enjoy."

In case you couldn't tell by the photos, Betty is adorable. And she isn't letting her cancer keep her from living out her last moments the way she wants to. So it came as no surprise to us that when Zach posted a video of his great-grandma dancing to "Happy," it got the attention of a very famous musician: the man who sings the song!

Yes, Pharrell Williams is just one of the over 20,000 people who is keeping track of sweet grandma Betty.

"Maybe they'll learn something from me," said Grandma Betty. "I've been here 80 years; maybe they'll learn something good from me."

You can follow Betty on Instagram, but fair warning: You will fall in love with her very quickly.

"This is going to be something we're always going to have and something we're always going to remember and definitely cherish forever. I'll always have that. And we'll always have the Instagram, no matter what," Zach said. "I'm glad I get to share her story because I want to remember her forever."


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