It all started with "First Kiss," a now viral video featuring couples meeting and then quickly locking licks. Turns out the clip, which has received over 47 million views on YouTube and counting, is fake and actually an advertisement for Wren Studio. The 20 "strangers" are actually actors and models, but that hasn't stopped the brilliant parodies.

For example, "First Sniff" is an adorable honest look at canines sharing precious moments together.

But Jimmy Fallon took it one step further with the animal stars.

"We used puppies and kittens, I think it came out pretty well," Fallon revealed on Thursday's Tonight Show about "First Lick."

Puppy First Kiss Parody, Jimmy Fallon


"We asked 20 puppies and kittens to kiss for the first time…" is the message that plays at the beginning of the heartwarming video.

In an unusual pairing, a basset hound bonds with a white cat, and the duo lick and paw at each other. It' almost as if you can hear the subtle barks and purrs.

Two unbelievably cute puppies tongue wrestle, while one pooch lays on its back, and some felines check each other out and flirt.

There is butt sniffing, nuzzling and plenty of aww-worthy moments, so watch it for yourself!

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