Here's What Anti-Gravity Yoga Is Really Like—Check It Out!

Alicia Quarles tries out the high-flying fitness routine

By Cinya Burton Mar 13, 2014 10:13 PMTags
Watch: Alicia Q. Flips for AntiGravity Yoga

Remember Pink's high-flying workout? Well, this is like the 101 course. It's a beginner's guide to yoga and acrobatics. So, if you've been pondering joining an anti-gravity class—here's a sneak peek.

"The best thing you can possibly do for your body, is to refresh all of the systems of the body," explains founder Christopher Harrison, adding that the workout "allows you to have all the benefits of inversion without any compression on your neck."

Take for example the classic yoga pose "downward dog," which gets upgraded to a flying downward dog, allowing for a deeper stretch with much less weight on the hands. There's also a fun tail-wagging component.

As for the next step, hanging completely upside down, Harrison explains: "A zero-compression inversion basically takes your spine and it takes space inside there. And when you do that the discs in-between your vertebrae get hydrated."

To see Alicia Quarles complete the move as well as more anti-gravity yoga flips, watch the full video above.

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