Kendall Jenner has turned into a bona fide high-fashion model, and big sisters Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian couldn't be any prouder!

On Wednesday at the DASH Miami opening, Kim gushed about her 18-year-old sister's success at Fashion Week in New York, London and Paris. She also praised Kendall for "trying so hard" and earning her big break without relying on her family's fame.

"She went and auditioned, and she just goes by the name of Kendall," Kim said. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star purposefully omits her last name, Kim explained, "hoping that people won't think that she gets any handoffs."

"She works her butt off," she added. "She just goes to casting after casting. I'm so proud of her that her Fashion Week was able to acheive all the shows she was able to walk in. She's living her dream and it's so inspiring to watch her."

So if the Kardashian ladies were to stage a DASH fashion show, would Kendall walk? "I think we'd have to go through her agent to find out if she would walk in our show," Kim said. "That's a good question—I don't know."

Khloé saw things differently, though! "[Kendall] would do anything for us," she said. "My brother [Rob Kardashian] just asked her to do something, and she's so cute [about it]. She has no idea what's going on around her—she's just so excited."

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