Jennifer Lopez


One of two things is going on here: either Jennifer Lopez stole this entire look from her little girl Emme's closet (because it was five sizes too big anyway) or Emme got a hold of Mama's all-white wear and colored it in with a pink highlighter. Otherwise we have absolutely no idea why the frequently best-dressed list topper would wear this electric Pepto-Bismol bottle in the shape of a shirt and pants.

We'll give the "Live It Up" singer credit for selecting a perfect shape. The capped-sleeve top and cropped-leg bottom on this J Brand combo have a cute, vintage feel - almost like J.Lo is a character in a Beach Blanket Bingo remake. Her sky-high ponytail definitely helps that cause.

But cut alone can't save a god-awful color. As far as we're concerned, the shade belongs on an '80s lipstick, neon sign or Barbie car - not a grown woman who is well aware that she's about to be photographed.

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