It goes without saying that Miley Cyrus has one hot little body, and she owes it all to pilates.

The star has been consistently toning up with Mari Winsor of Winsor Pilates in West Hollywood, and it certainly shows that her hard work is totally paying off.

We stopped by the studio to watch a quick demonstration with the fitness guru herself, and to get the full scoop on the singer's full-body workout.

"I started working with Miley in February of 2011. Miley was gearing up to change her image and her body. She's a hard worker! Just look at her! She looks fabulous," Winsor told us proudly of her star student.

Winsor showed us some of her famous exercises, paying special attention to movements that sculpt the lower body.

"Miley loves the leg springs because they really help to sculpt and firm the buttocks, inner thighs…the whole leg actually," she explained.

Given Miley's skimpy outfits, we can see why these workouts would be essential to the singer. 

And best of all, Mari was full of encouraging words to aspiring pilates students, even those who long for a killer body like Miley's.

"When you make up your mind that you're going to do something, you can do anything!"

Game on!

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