Whatever sticky situation Lorelai and Rory find themselves in at the end of Gilmore Girls' sixth season next month, they'll be marching toward it to the beat of a different drum, er, drums.

The series' season finale, which tapes Friday and airs May 9, is starting to resemble an indie music fest as much as an opportunity to embroil our heroines in romantic entanglements, family squabbles and life-altering changes before the summer hiatus.

The musical subplot centers around singer Grant Lee Phillips, who serves as town troubadour (he walks around treating people to impromptu musical interludes) for Stars Hollow at least once a season, being chosen to open a show for veteran rocker Neil Young. Upon hearing about Phillips' luck with the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, a groovy lineup of performers parade into town hoping to get into the act.

Heading up the impressive program is Sonic Youth--Kim Gordon and hubby Thurston Moore--appearing with their daughter Coco. The alt-rock band will perform an acoustic version of their new single, "What a Waste"--a teaser from their upcoming album, Rather Ripped, set for a June 13 release.

Pop-rocker Joe Pernice, '70s-era pop band Sparks, alterna-rocker Sam Phillips (aka Leslie Phillips, not the late record producer who signed Elvis), Yo La Tengo and musical-comedy vet Mary Lynn Rajskub (computer whiz Chloe on 24) will also show up to play along.

Meanwhile, lest you forget you're watching the WB, Alexis Bledel's Rory will be having issues with sometimes-boyfriend Logan (Matt Czuchry), Lorelai's (Lauren Graham) parents might be moving to Stars Hollow (eek!) and, of course, Lorelai and Luke's (Scott Patterson) engagement will hit yet another snag. Actually, the couple's relationship is "reaching a boiling point," Gilmore Girls creator and exec producer Amy Sherman-Palladino told Entertainment Weekly.

Although the season finale is particularly packed with melodic possibility, music has always played a large role in Gilmore Girl-land. Lorelai's love for '80s girl-groups, such as the Bangles and the Go-Go's, is an established bit of Gilmore lore, while Rory's best friend Lane digs David Bowie and the Ramones.

Guest stars have included the aforementioned Bangles, Skid Row's Sebastian Bach, the Shins, Paul Anka and Carole King, who also sings the show's theme song, "Where You Lead," with daughter Louise Goffin.

At one time there were rumors that this season would be Gilmore Girls' swan song, but it definitely appears as if everyone is sticking around for at least one more, which will take place on the new CW network now that the WB and UPN are closing up shop.

"They [executive producers Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino] are looking to end it after next year," a WB source told E! Online TV columnist Kristin Veitch in December. "But if it continues to do well, it could go beyond the next season. Both Lauren and Alexis have expressed interest in returning, if things go well with Amy and Dan."

And why not? There's so much more music to play.

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