Most "Unsatisfying" Bachelor Finale Ever? Chris Harrison Weighs in on Juan Pablo's "Odd" Exit

Exclusive! The ABC host admits that Monday's season finale was the most "unsatisfying" ending in the reality series' history.

By Leanne Aguilera Mar 12, 2014 7:56 PMTags
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Two days later, and we're still baffled by Monday night's Bachelor finale.

Luckily, we're not the only ones who thought that Juan Pablo Galavis' behavior on the After the Final Rose special was a bizarre mix of hostility and suppressed emotions—The Bachelor's host and executive producer Chris Harrison also shared in the viewers' frustrations.

We recently sat down with the longtime host to discuss Galavis' unprecedented journey on the ABC reality dating show, and his clandestine feelings with girlfriend, and final rose recipient, Nikki Ferrell.

"I don't dislike Juan Pablo at all," Harrison exclusively admitted to E! News. "But I do feel like we owed everybody a little bit better finish than that…We have this couple, who I think love each other, and yet it was so unsatisfying for everybody, so it was just so confusing."

Watch: Chris Harrison Calls "Bachelor" Finale Odd

When asked about the polarizing Bachelor's relationship with his prize pick, Harrison admitted that he too thought that the situation on stage was "uncomfortable" and "confusing" for both the live audience and the viewers at home.

"I could tell how much [Nikki] loves him and cares about him because she stood by her man last night, but I wish that people had gotten to see a little bit more," the host explained. "I guess what I found confusing was the body language was there, the way they were looking at each other and kissing and talking, but then the words that came out were just different than what I was seeing."

As for Juan Pablo's stubborn attitude to withhold his feelings from the camera, Harrison was frustrated that the Venezuelan was not treating his girlfriend with the respect and kindness that she deserves.

"I knew Nikki loved him so much and professed her love and he said he liked her 'a lot,' which for most women, that's not satisfying," he explained. "For him to come out and give nothing, and I mean nothing, I thought it was kind of unsatisfying to her. It was unsatisfying to our fans, and it was confusing because I know he does feel something, so I felt like it was a scene out of Jerry McGuire. 'Help me, help you!'"


Another puzzling moment that Harrison was quick to discuss? Juan Pablo's promise of a "big surprise" that he promptly shut down as soon as the cameras were turned on. Harrison revealed that in addition to telling one of ABC's network executives in Saint Lucia he had something special planned for the After the Rose special, the former soccer star also reiterated these plans in a text message the day before the taping.

The host explained, "So we included that in the show and, naturally, as things have gone this season with him, it was a big dud." We recently discovered that the surprise in question was actually supposed to be a wedding proposal, but at the last minute, the Bachelor changed his mind about popping the question.

Take a look at our full exclusive interview above to find out even more detail on Juan Pablo's "odd" behavior. Plus, find out what the Bachelor did after Monday's Final Rose special that caused Harrison to admit it was "the oddest exit and finish to a season ever." Yikes!