Lena Dunham is the latest A-lister to jump on the cupping bandwagon.

The Girls star and co-creator shared a snapshot of her back, with the telltale red splotches, on her Instagram account on Wednesday.

"Da Cure," the 27-year-old simply captioned the selfie.

So, now that we know the New York native is a fan, what exactly is this procedure and why does it leave a hard-to-miss ring pattern on those who receive the treatment?

The Eastern practice is said to detox the body and reportedly helps with everything from circulation to neck and shoulder pain. The cups used create suction on the skin and leave red circles as a result.

Jennifer Aniston

Jason Merritt/Getty Images, Splash News

Even though the aftermath can be quite distracting, it isn't enough to deter cleanse-loving stars, like Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow, from getting their fix.

The We're the Millers starlet memorably tried to cover up the circular marks, with a bit of concealer, at the red carpet premiere of Lifetime's Call Me Crazy in Los Angeles last April.

The Goop goddess has praised the trendy procedure, but she made heads turn when she showed up at a premiere with the blotchy red marks back in 2004.

Chris Martin, David Arquette, Jessica Simpson and Victoria Beckham have also been candid about their love of cupping.

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