Taylor Swift Icing Out Selena Gomez Over Justin Bieber Reunion?! "She Has Not Cut Her Off," Says Friend

Get the scoop on the BFF love triangle drama

By Brett Malec Mar 12, 2014 8:03 PMTags
Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Selena GomezKevin Mazur/WireImage

Is Taylor Swift mad at Selena Gomez over her recent reunion with ex Justin Bieber?!

A report surfaced earlier today claiming that the Grammy-winning country cutie is now distancing herself from BFF Selena because she disapproves of Gomez's recent meetups with the troubled pop star, which includes a recent sexy dance rehearsal.

However, a friend of Swift's tells E! News of the supposed Taylor-Selena drama, "She has not cut her off." The pal adds that Swift thinks of Gomez like a little sister and will always be there for her.

A rep for Swift didn't comment.

While is sure sounds like Swift is standing by her BFF and her personal decisions, this wouldn't be the first time T.Swift has publically dissed the Biebs. During the 2013 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, Swift famously gave Bieber and Gomez a grossed-out face of disapproval when they shared a backstage kiss in front of her.

And during the same awards show, during a press conference, a media member asked Swift what she thought of Bieber winning the Milestone Award, to which she swiftly answered, "Can we have another question?"

Meanwhile, Gomez and Bieber have been spending lots of time together recently and were even spotted kissing while out for breakfast in Texas.