Naomi Campbell, Beyonce

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Is Naomi Campbell aware that the role already went to Beyoncé?...twelve years ago!

It's unclear why The Face host took a fashion time machine to the swinging '70s. Maybe she was longing for her youth (she was born in 1970)? Maybe she thought she was headed to a costume party (you never know among the rich and famous)? Or maybe she was honoring Diane von Furstenberg's own massive head of hair with this natural look (that is a classic DVF wrap dress she's rocking)? 

That said, if we'd seen this shot over a decade ago (and we were the Austin Powers casting agents), we might consider the iconic catwalker over the international R&B star.

Naomi makes this afro look hip and hot. The slinky black-and-white dress certainly helps, but it's all about the framing around the face. Here's hoping she sticks with this look over the typical long, straight locks. There are a few things about the '70s we'd rather forget (we're looking at you polyester, bell-bottomed jumpsuits), but this one is welcome to make a comeback.

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