Maybe Justin Bieber wasn't being so bratty after all?

On last night's episode of Late Night, Seth Meyers hilariously remixed the 20-year-old's infamous deposition video to justify some of his less-than-cooperative antics and actions.

"A lot of people have criticized Justin for the way he behaved in the video," Meyers says to the audience. "Well, we here at Late Night were able to get our hands on the original unedited tape, and we noticed some differences that sort of forgive, in our minds, Justin's behavior. So let's take a look."

Justin Bieber


A dubbed-over voice of a lawyer then plays throughout the doctored video as Bieber reacts. The lawyer asks Bieber to turn to the camera and wink, which the singer happily does. The Biebs also pops his collar upon request and blinks several more times.

"Do you remember who the guy was in Home Improvement behind the fence?" the fake lawyer asks, to which the pop star responds rudely, "Guess what? Guess what? I don't recall."

"I'm sorry, I'm stupid," the voice replies.

They also make fun of Bieber's mistaken use of the word detrimental when he actually meant instrumental. LOL!

Watch the hilarious clip for yourself.

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