Wolf of Seasame Street


If Wolf of Wall Street had less drugs and more cookies, it almost definitely would have won the Oscar for Best Picture. In fact, all movies should have more cookies in them. Someone send an email to Joss Whedon that we want a story about evil Thin Mints in Avengers 2. Thanks.

Anyway, here is the mashup you knew was coming when you realized that Wolf of Wall Street and Sesame Street both end in the same word. Some USC film students decided to take their expensive and prestigious education and put Cookie Monster in Leonardo "I will win an Oscar one day if it kills me" DiCaprio's role and Elmo in Jonah Hill's role.

And obviously, it's not money or fame Cookie Monster is after…it's love.

Kidding. He wants cookies. He wants all the cookies. And hey, Matthew McConaughey is there, too! Alright, alright, alright.

Check out the Wolf of Sesame Street trailer below and enjoy Elmo and Cookie Monster (with spot-on vocal work) swearing with a Kanye West song in the background. You don't get to experience something like that very often.

Oh, quick warning: The ending of the trailer spoof is NSFW and will probably scar your childhood memories for the rest of your life. Isn't the Internet awesome like that?

Bonus content! Mcconaughey's chest thumping scene from Wolf of Wall Street recently got an awesome remix, courtesy of Eclectic Method. Add it to your workout playlist. You won't be sorry.

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