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Cross Bobbi Kristina Brown and hubby Nick Gordon and prepare for a string of expletive-filled tweets coming your way.

The two lovebirds took to Twitter to slam critics who felt Whitney Houston's daughter was too skinny, after the duo each posted a bikini shot of Brown by the pool. Well, they weren't about to let the harsh criticism slide by and each fired back through a series of tweets.

"I am my mothers child ! Have you ever heard of a ? Damn, lol it's incredible how the world will judge you 4ANY&EVERYthing," Bobbi Kristina posted. However, her man had a different choice of words.

"Working out Eating right and loving life is how my women keeps her body nobody cares that you are concerned what important is she is comfy," Gordon wrote, and then followed with this gem: "My baby is perfect the way she is. Y'all reporters on my sh-t can suck my d--k. MADD cuz your bitch is a 400 pounder." Yikes!

Their defensive tweets may not be too surprising to those who follow the pair on Twitter. Along with always gushing about their relationship on the social media, the young couple have been known to defend their romance on multiple occasions.

"Muthaf--kas tryna tell us to slow down. Seems like you muthaf--kers need to shut the hell up and enjoy the show," Gordon wrote last week. "Me and @ will be together forever there is no splitting up. We've been through it all."

And they continue to go through it 140 characters or less.

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