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Juan Pablo Galavis didn't propose to Nikki in Monday's two-hour Bachelor finale, but he did give her that final rose.

It's tough to say what's next for these two, who confirmed on Monday's After the Final Rose special that they are still in a relationship, although Juan Pablo still hasn't say "I love you." A source tells E! News exclusively that NIkki's OK with not hearing the L-word just yet, and that "for now, she's happy just dating him."

After Monday's finale, Juan Pablo, Nikki, and a few former contestants (including Chelsea, Kelly, Kat, Sharlene, and Lucy) hit up Hollywood restaurant Wood & Vine. Bachelorette alum Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried also tagged along. A source tells E! News Juan Pablo and Nikki were "really affectionate" and "really cute together. They seem happy, despite what people may think." 

Once the finale fun was all behind them, Juan Pablo and Nikki headed to Miami. "They're going to be there for a few days," says a source, "She will be staying with him. After that, they're headed to the Dominican Republic for a vacation."

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BTW, these two are footing the bill for this trip by themselves, according to an insider. "ABC is done with them, and the feeling is mutual," adds a source, noting that the pair "took an Uber car home from the taping [of the finale]" and refused a car ABC had booked for them.

So we probably won't be seeing a Juan Pablo-Nikki wedding special anytime in the future. Then again, Juan Pablo's "not 100 percent sure" he wants to propose to her, just "100 percent sure I don't want to let you go."

But after their self-funded vacay, where will they go?! "He told her to pick a city and they'd move there," says an insider. (Juan Pablo is currently living with his family in Miami, while Nikki's based in Kansas City.) "Not sure how realistic that is," admits a source, "but that's what he said to her."

One possible setback? "She really loves her job [pediatric nurse] and she's not going to quit until she knows it's really serious."

But Juan Pablo and Nikki are truly "into each other," says a source. "In person, it's easier to see their chemistry...Nikki says it's a REAL relationship. It's not fake. So, yes, they fight...But they make up."

Nikki's friends have their doubts, though and reportedly "think she's going to get her heart broken."

-Additional reporting by Sara Kitnick

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