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How I Met Your Mother finally revealed Lily's big secret, Cat finally chose between the two men in her life in Beauty and the Beast's spring finale and Teen Wolf took a gamble on a fan favorite's life. Plus,  a new couple is emerging on The Following. Warning, there are spoilers for Monday night's shows  ahead!

How I Met Your Mother: Congratulations are in order for Lily and Marshall: they're having another baby! Though Marshall originally thought Lily's big secret was that she was having an affair with the Captain (LOL!), he instead got the sweetest surprise when he learned she's pregnant. And guess what? They're moving to Italy as an elated Marshall said, "You're going to get your dream because you're giving me mine. Again." Their daughter's name? Daisy, the episode's title. (So nope, we still don't know the mother's name.)

Beauty and the Beast: In the spring finale, Catherine finally chose between Vincent and Gabe. And, duh, she chose Vincent! (VinCat FTW.) Though she started the episode with Gabe, that didn't stop Catherine from indulging in some "breakup sex" with Vincent. 

Of course, Catherine realized Vincent is the man for her, leading to a gorgeous kiss on a snow-covered roof, followed by some "reunion sex." Too bad their bliss was shortlived as Gabe is not bowing out of this race in a classy manner, setting Vincent up to take the fall for the murder of Tori's father. Yes, our main Beast was arrested at episode's end. 

The Following: We're going to need Max and Weston to get together, like, yesterday? The two clearly have a connection, judging from their longing glances and Max knowing exactly how to support Weston after the tragic loss of his father. But we're even more excited to see how Ryan react to his niece and his BFF/mini-me getting together. 

Teen Wolf


Teen Wolf: Tonight's episode was action-packed from start to finish as everybody raced to save Stiles from the Nogitsune. Their efforts did eventually pay off, but not before the Nogitsune had its fun with pretty much everyone we know and love. Mr. Argent nearly shot Stiles, most of our favorite werewolves became possessed almost to the point of murder, and Scott and Lydia ended up clawing (literally) their way into Stiles' brain in order to rescue him. They eventually succeeded, in a way, but not before encountering some odd scenes – a mental hospital, Scott making out with Allison in a closet, a bloody Lydia running down the hall at the season one prom, and an endlessly huge room in which Stiles was engaged in a round of the Asian boardgame "Go" with the Nogitsune. At the sound of Scott's howl, Stiles snapped out of it and was eventually able to crawl out from under the demon fox's influence.

Meanwhile, under the disgusting influence of a swarm of Nogitsune wound flies, Isaac showed up in Allison's room, made out with her, fondled her weapons (not a euphemism!), and then chained her to the bed before taking off to engage in a huge fight with an equally-possessed Ethan and Aiden. Derek soaked his best frenemy, Mr. Argent, in lighter fluid and planned to light him on fire as payback for the fire that killed most of the Hale family all those years ago. Just before they got deadly, the possessions stopped when Stiles was finally free, but the Nogitsune, apparently in its own copy of Stiles' body, is now also free, and we're pretty sure things are about to get much, much worse before they get any better. On the bright side: Stiles is (hopefully) back, y'all.

Oh, and the secrets Stiles' knew about Scott's family? The Nogitsune now knows 'em, too. Yikes!"

The Voice: Well done, Adam Levine! That's all we have to say after seeing Kat Perkins' performance of "Gold Dust Woman," the best of Monday night's episode, in our humble opinion. And the lucky coach to land her? Adam, whom she promptly mounted after selecting. Get. It. Gurl. 

What did you watch on Monday night? Sound off in the comments!

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