The director of Gravity + the mastermind behind Lost, Star Trek, Fringe and, now, Star Wars = must-see TV?

That's what we're asking you now that you've finally seen Alfonso Cuarón and J.J. Abrams' Believe, which finally premiered on Monday night.

The Oscar-winning director's foray into TV is an ambitious drama for NBC, which centers on a very special 10-year-old girl named Bo (Johnny Sequoyah), who is being pursued by various groups looking to protect (or exploit) her supernatural powers.

After checking out NBC's special preview of Believe, which makes its time-slot debut on Sunday at 9 p.m.), we're curious to know if you'll be returning next week to see more...

After her life is threatened (and her latest pair of foster parents are murdered), one of good guys Milton (Delroy Lindo) tasks death row inmate Tate (Jake McLaughlin) is tasked with being Bo's protector, even if he's not exactly the biggest fan of children. The banter between Tate and Bo, who manages to be cute and non-grating, a rare feat for a child actor, is rather enjoyable, as is the premiere's bombshell reveal: Tate is Bo's biological father, he just doesn't know it yet.

Tackling the big bad role? Twin Peaks and Desperate Housewives star Kyle MacLachlan, while Once Upon a Time fan favorite Jamie Chung is Milton's right-hand woman.

Now we want to hear from you: what did you think of Believe? Will you check back in next week? Vote in our poll below before heading down to the comments to talk it out with your fellow TV lovers!

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Believe: Save It or Sink It
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