Zoe Saldana, Karen Gillan, Guardians of the Galaxy


Get ready for some girl-on-girl action in Guardians of the Galaxy.

No, not that kind of action.

We'll let former Doctor Who star Karen Gillan, who plays Nebula in the much-anticipated Marvel movie, explain.

"Nebula is the female villain and Lee Pace plays the male villain," she told me while promoting her new horror flick, Oculus, at SXSW. "We torment people. We're really mean to people."

And that means facing-off with green-skinned Gamora, played by Zoe Saldana.

"We're very angry towards each other," Gillan said. "There's a huge fight sequence. I had to train for two months before I could do it. We shot the thing for four days!"


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Fortunately, no one got seriously injured in the process. "I did all of my stunts and a stunt double did them, too," Gillan said. "I refused knee pads at one point and of course then I bruised my knee but that was it."

Gillan not only shaved off her gorgeous ginger locks for the Guardians role, but the Scottish beauty endured sitting in a makeup chair for five hours every day while a team applied prosthetics and turned her skin an eerie blue. "It was amazing," Gillan said of the first time she looked in a mirror as Nebula. "It was creepy and weirdly doll-like, child-like almost."

In Oculus, Gillan plays a young woman who returns to her childhood home in seatrch of the demons living in an antique mirror that turned her parents into deadly zombie-like creatures. She brings along her brother (the super-hot Brandon Thwaites), who's just been released from a mental institution.

And get this—it's Gillan's own mother who is especially proud of her daughter's work in the blood-filled gorefest. "I could do multiple amazing films but she would never be as excited as this one," she said. "It's a horror film and it's creepy. She's really into that kind of stuff."


Oculus is in theaters on April 11.

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