Justin Bieber, Deposition

It's all about the music, Justin Bieber insists...once again.

The beleaguered 20-year-old woke up today to find that video of the deposition he gave in a civil assault case involving one of his security guards had been released online. And he didn't come off looking too great.


"Love how some people use to twist and justify the horrible action of others," Bieber tweeted this afternoon. "We all have a right to defend ourselves and feel harassed"

Now, that may not have come out exactly the way he meant it, but it's pretty easy to guess what he meant.

Quit yer' hatin', basically.

"They can't break us. They can't get us down," he continued. "We are too strong. We love too much. #mybeliebers."

Bieber went on to tweet about his surprise performance yesterday at "Scooter Braun Projects Sunday Funday Showcase," one of the many events at SXSW in Austin, where he sang "If I Was Your Boyfriend" and dedicated "Baby" to "my baby."

And considering he was also spotted smooching Selena Gomez on Friday...

"Fun taking the stage with all the other acts," Bieber recalled. "Great people. Had to do a little acoustic set myself. Maybe I should do another one? ;)"

Then, about an hour later, he posted a YouTube clip of his appearance and insisted: "THIS IS WHY I DO IT! Not for headlines but for the fans, for the music! For #mybeliebers. This is what is real! I love music."

The Canadian star couldn't help but make headlines, however, when he reunited with Gomez in McAllen, Texas, on Friday, prompting hundreds of fans to converge on a local mall for a glimpse of the pair.

Bieber saw Gomez, however, after he had stormed out of the aforementioned deposition when the opposing side mentioned Gomez. A source told E! News that he ultimately returned to the room after his lawyer advised him not answer questions about his ex.

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