Dog Adoption Video

The world is full of awful, awful humans. Just ask Justin Bieber. He's one of them. Don't believe us? Watch his deposition video and get back to us.

Thankfully, The Mayhew Animal Home in London has released a video promoting dog adoption that reminds us that even though humans can make us cry and feel like crap, you always have an automatic pick-me-up at home as long as you have a pet. And all it takes is walking through the door.

No one loves you more unconditionally than a dog. And a rescued dog loves you even more than that. So even though work sucks and your commute sucks and your coworkers suck and school sucks and everything sucks, all you have to do is go home and greet the one thing that will never not love everything about you.

Watch the video below and bawl like a baby. And then just leave work and go home to your dog. Tell your boss we said it was OK.

Adorable, right? Meanwhile, cat owners come home to this most of the time:

Aw, we kid. Cats love us in their own way. Sometimes that way is evil and indifferent, but it's love nonetheless.

(H/T Laughing Squid)

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