Prince's purple reign has turned into a big pain for his NBA star landlord.

The ever-eccentric Grammy-winning Rock and Roll Hall of Famer has been sued by Utah Jazz forward Carlos Boozer for allegedly pimping out Boozer's West Hollywood home, which the diminutive rock star is renting for $70,000 a month.

Boozer originally filed a complaint against the Purple Rain singer in January, alleging him to be a less than ideal tenant, violating the terms of his eight-month lease via a series of self-promotional home improvements.

According to the lawsuit, which is posted on the Smoking Gun Website, Boozer claimes Prince did an unauthorized extreme makeover to the 10-bedroom, 11-bath property, including "painting the exterior of the [house] with purple striping, 'Prince symbol,' and numbers 3121."

The latter digits, of course, represent the name of Prince's latest album, which hit stores Tuesday.

Interior renovations included "removing carpet in master bedroom and installing purple monogrammed carpet," per the suit, as well as the more curious installation of plumbing, piping and excavation of "a large hole" for the presumed purpose of a private beauty salon.

Two months prior to filing the suit against his superstar tenant, Boozer issued a "three-day notice to cure or quit" his renovations, citing the litany of repair violations. At the time, Prince's lawyers denied the alteration allegations, and claimed that the NBA landlord had accepted their purple-centric client's January and February rent "without objection."

In other words: On the off chance Prince had broken his rental contract, they couldn't kick him off the property until March.

Boozer has since dropped the lawsuit, after successfully petitioning for a dismissal of his claims in mid-February. However, as the courts granted the dismissal "without prejudice," Boozer will still be able to refile the suit under the same claims if Prince starts making illicit trips to Home Depot.

As it stands, the "Little Red Corvette" singer is contracted to remain in the Hollywood home until his lease runs out May 31. That is, should the weather suit his whims.

The rental agreement includes the addendum that Prince can cancel his lease with 45 days notice "should the weather conditions of the Los Angeles rainy season...prohibit enjoyment of the property."

Meanwhile, Prince did manage to pry himself away from his tool belt earlier this week.

The Purple One surprised throngs of diehards with a performance at the Hollywood Tower Records Tuesday. He took the stage at midnight as the store began selling copies of 3121 to some 500 awaiting fans.

"It was an impromptu decision," Serena Gallagher, the publicist for Prince's label, Universal Motown Records, told the Associated Press. "He lives in L.A."

Weather--and landlords--permitting.

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