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We're gifting you with a double scoop of spoilers with extra sprinkles!

In this Monday's edition of Spoiler Chat, we've got exclusive details from star Lana Parilla on Once Upon a Time's wicked new villain and Marlene King spills secrets on the mother of all crazy for Pretty Little Liars. Plus, read on for scoop from The Good Wife, Reign, The Big Bang Theory and more!

Dig in, TV lovers…

Milo: Got anything for us Big Bang Theory fans?
If you're an employee at a Best Buy, you better run and hide because Dr. Sheldon Cooper is headed your way. Our favorite theoretical physicist will be stopping by for a little shopping in episode 20 and, as always, he's ready to challenge everyone in his path—even the smartest member of the geek squad. 

Debbie: So glad The Good Wife is back, but I need some Will and Alicia scenes soon! Please tell me my favorite couple has some good stuff coming up!
Do not miss next week's flashback-heavy episode that is basically tailor made for fans of Will and Alicia. (We may or may not have pressed our face into a pillow due to all of the feels we felt. Issues, we have 'em!) Even better? The currently feuding duo share a scene in the present-day that may just give you hope for their future. Baby steps, people. 

Parker: Who's the new girl Bash is hanging out in the wood with on Reign?! I'm still devastated over Mary choosing Francis over him, so please tell me it's not a new love interest!
Hate to break it to ya, but Rowan, said lady in the woods, may just be the Ygritte to Bash's Jon Snow (Game of Thrones reference, duh). "I suppose you could say there's parallels there," Torrance Coombs says, before teasing, "We pick it up a couple months later, and Rowan actually seems to be a bit of a pain in the ass at first, but she actually ends up saving Bash from a bear trap, and they have a little adventure.  In many ways she's quite a good match for him so we'll have to see what happens between them."

Jacob: You guys should give more Dallas spoilers.
Ask and you shall receive. Prepare to meet one of our new favorite returning characters: Walter is a ruggedly handsome CIA black ops security contractor who has seen-it-all and willing to share his expertise with our gang. 

GLEE, Naya Rivera, Lea Michele

Adam Rose/FOX

Katie G.: I know you have Glee scoop, so just give it to me now!
We know many of you are dying for the all-NYC episodes so here are a few teasers to get you ready for the move to the big apple: We'll soon be meeting two new faces along the bustling streets of the big city. Jessica is an attractive film student who prefers punk rock, rather than Rachel's preppy style. And another film student, Vanessa, is a cute red-head who could spend all day discussing existential ideals. Hmm, perhaps Artie will encounter these two lovely ladies while attending film school in Brooklyn....

Michelle: The Fosters is my new obsession, I love every episode. Got any news on what's coming up?
Get ready to rock out because we're about to be introduced to one of the best bands in the history of ABC Family TV. Brandon will soon meet Lou (short for Lucy) is an 18-year-old singer who is as attractive as she is charismatic—just don't criticize her work or you'll be met with a whole lotta attitude. And Mateo is a friend of Wyatt's who quickly realizes that Brandon's classical music background could be exactly what their band needs. 

Once Upon a Time


Lauren: I can't wait to find out more about the Wicked Witch on Once Upon a Time! What can you tell us about her?
Well first of all, our gal's name is Zelena, and secondly there's a very important reason why she is oh-so green. According to the lovely Lana Parilla, we will soon get the wicked witch's entire background. "There's some real deep-rooted issues there, with this Zelena character," she said. "It manifests in jealousy, it comes out in envy, but there's some deeper issues there that I can't share with you." Aww, snap! Not to worry, we'll have more scoop from Lana and OUAT's magical creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis as we get closer to Sunday night's episode. 

Tiana: I can't believe Ali's mom might be "A" on Pretty Little Liars! Why would she be doing this to the girls??
Well first of all, we've all known that something has been kind of "off" with Mrs. D for quite some time now. Executive Producer Marlene King revealed that all will be revealed at the end of the season. "Well a lot of that comes out in the finale. Alison really does share with the PLL's what happened the night she died and it's in a chronological order," she said. And believe us, you're not going to want to miss the final 30 seconds. It's absolutely mind-blowing.

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