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Did I really die?

That questions is at the center of ABC's highly anticipated new drama Resurrection, which finally debuted on Sunday night.

Starring Omar EppsFrances Fisher, Matt Craven and Samaire Armstrong, ABC's latest series centers on the small town of Arcadia, Missouri, and its inhabitants whose lives are completely turned upside down when their loved ones start returning from the dead.

The first of the walking dead (Sorry, couldn't resist!) we meet? 8-year-old Jacob (Landon Giminez), who wakes up mysteriously in China. The catch? He, along with his aunt Barbara, died 32 years ago, but he still looks eight. Creepy? Yes. Entertaining? Double yes. 

The pilot introduces a mystery surrounding Jacob's death, which was originally said to be a drowning accident, but it turns out there was another man at the river with him and his aunt that day. Dun-dun-dun!

Of course, the reactions to people returning from the dead are mixed: the local Pastor is attempting to understand the phenomenon on a spiritual level; Jacob's father is skepticai, even after DNA tests prove it's really his son; Sheriff Langston (Craven) wants answers as his wife Barbara was Jacob's aunt, and Maggie (Devin Kelley), Langston's daughter and Jacob's cousin, is a doctor desperate to find out what is going on. Helping her? Marty (Epps), the immigration agent who found Jacob and wants to protect the boy.

P.S. Loved ones returning from the dead might sound like a familiar concept to fans of Sundance Channel's The Returned, but Resurrection is not a remake of the (awesome) French series. Similar, yes, but two separate entities, people. 

Now we want to know what you thought of Resurrection? Will you return next week to get more answers...and resurrections? Vote in our poll below and then head on down to the comments to discuss Resurrection with your fellow TV lovers. 

Resurrection: Save It or Sink It
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