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The first episode of Lindsay aired on OWN tonight, with the show opening up with Oprah Winfrey telling Lindsay Lohan essentially that she needs to get her life together.

From there, we see the Liz & Dick star trying to do just that, but it doesn't exactly go off with a hitch.

Missed the first episode of Lindsay? Check out the five things to know about the debut of the docuseries!

1. Oprah isn't in much of it: Well, at least not in this episode. We see Oprah at the beginning, when she tells Lohan she thinks it's a bad idea for her to go on a trip to Europe for yoga when she's only four days out of rehab. The Liz & Dick star decides to stay in the states…and Oprah's cameos are no more.

2. Her sober coach makes an appearance: Essentially, her coach also thinks it's a bad idea for her to travel, even if it's a trip related to business. So, Lindsay bows out of an appearance at the Venice Film Festival for the premiere of her flick Canyons, and ends up spending quite a bit of time at home—where she says she feels like a prisoner because of the paparazzi.

3. She moved to New York to get a fresh start: Lohan also headed there to "be closer to her family," she says. Until she can find a place of her own, Lindsay moves back in with her mom Dina, and we see them sorting through her things when she is back in the house.

4. Lindsay's apartment hunt isn't as easy as she expects: Finding a place of her own in New York, proves not to be the easiest feat for Lindsay. After looking at 10 apartments, the actress settles on one; The only problem is the manager wants a $10 million insurance policy for the apartment before he gives her the keys, which Lindsay tells him she absolutely can't get. "How the hell could anyone have that?" she tells her broker on the phone. "I'm not Oprah." Thus, she heads back to hotel living…which she hates.

5. We see a lot of Lindsay getting stressed and tearing up: Apartment hunt aside, she gets into a tear-filled confrontation with the director of a lingerie shoot, and discusses how it wasn't exactly fair that "one of the girls who stole her jewelry" i.e. Alexis Neiers, was released from the cell beside her the same day she had to report to jail. She also didn't understand why the judge was being "tough" and not trying to "help her" instead.

What did you think of the first episode of Lindsay? Sound off in the comments!

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