Go glam with red carpet hair straight out of the ‘70s.

To take your hair back in time, try a full-bodied, wavy look reminiscent of the bouncy ‘dos from that era, similar to the ones recreated in American Hustle.

For tips on how to create this look, we chatted with Pantene celebrity stylist Kim Kimble, who gave us the scoop on an easy way to style a head-turning, red carpet worthy ‘70s hairstyle.

Check out her five top tips on how to get glam ‘70s hair below!

1. Use Pantene's All in One Styling Balm: Put the product on your palm and run it through your hair at the top to get rid of flyaways. Then, brush the waves out to make it smooth.

2. Add Volume: "The key to this hair is volume," Kimble said. To create more volume, lift the hair up in sections, spray Pantene's Root Reboot Dry Shampoo into the roots, and massage the product in.

3. Backcomb the Hair: Take your grooming brush and backcomb the hair to help shape the waves. The dry shampoo that you have already sprayed will help hold the style the backcombing creates.

4. Run Styling Balm Through the Hair Again: Go over the hair again with All-in-One styling balm to get rid of flyaways. To make sure the hair is smooth, brush the hair and backcomb it again to kick the volume up.

5. Finish It Up: Once you have the look that you want, finish it off with Pantene Pro V shaping hairspray. This will make sure the hair stays set and in place.

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