Malaysian Airlines

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As investigators continue to search the Gulf of Thailand for the wreckage of a Malaysia Airlines flight that went missing this weekend, new developments are coming through regarding the plane's disappearance.

According to the CNN, there were 239 people aboard the flight that disappeared over the Gulf of Thailand Saturday morning, and now the possibility of foul play is starting to surface.

Take a look at the five things to know about the missing Malaysia flight.

Malaysian Airlines

WANG ZHAO/AFP/Getty Images

1. A huge search is underway: All contact was lost as the flight traveled from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Beijing. According to CNN, a multinational search is underway in the South China Sea to try to find the wreckage. Ships, helicopters and airlines are being utilized for the search.

2. Clues are scarce: The only clues in the search for the missing plane so far have been oil slicks in the Gulf of Thailand, reportedly where the flight disappeared from the radar. A Vietnamese search plane spotted the oil slicks that stretch between six and nine miles.

3. Two people on the flight had stolen passports. The airline released a manifest--a document that lists the cargo, passengers and crew of the plane. Two of the passengers listed on the manifest were not on the flight and said their passports had been stolen. Italy's foreign ministry confirmed that no Italians were aboard the flight, but an Italian was listed on the manifest. Austria also denied that one of its citizens was aboard the flight, and the man--who wasn't on the flight--later said his passport had been stolen two years ago.

4. The FBI weighed in: The FBI is not ruling out terrorism or any other issue as a possible cause in the jetliner's disappearance.

5. There were children on board: Of the passengers aboard the flight, five children under 5 years old were on the flight, as well as three U.S. citizens, 154 people from China or Taiwan and 38 Malaysians.

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