Paris Hilton could learn a thing or two from Kid Rock about how to successfully keep one's sex tape off the Internet.

Lawyers for the Detroit-based rap-rocker reached a tentative agreement Friday with porn purveyor World Wide Red Light District to extend a judge's order blocking the release of a video showing Rock and former Creed frontman Scott Stapp in the company of four women without the necessity of a further hearing, Rock's attorney, William Horton, told the Detroit News.

Paperwork that would permanently block the tape's release is expected to be filed this week.

The on-camera action was shot on a tour bus in 1999 and reportedly features Rock and Stapp alternately enjoying the various skills of their female fans. Red Light District--the company behind the release of Hilton's sex tape several years ago--announced last month that it had obtained the 45-minute romp and planned to release the tape in stores later this year.

Rock sued the company last month and received a temporary injunction shutting down the Red Light-run Websites and, which were offering a 40-second sneak peek of the video

Despite their shared intimate encounter, there's no love lost between Rock and Stapp these days, with Rock blaming the self-proclaimed Christian rocker for the tape's release.

"[Stapp] is the idiot because it's out," Rock told the AP. "I'm holding him responsible."

For his part, Stapp has claimed the tape was stolen from his safe and has filed his own suit attempting to block its release.

Red Light District claims to have received the footage from an unnamed third party, but denies that it was stolen.

Meanwhile, Rock isn't the only one pointing fingers at Stapp over the tape's emergence.

A woman identified only as "Jane Doe," who claims to be featured on the tape as "the star of the females," has filed suit against Stapp and Red Light District alleging invasion of privacy, unauthorized use of her likeness and infliction of emotional distress.

Doe also essentially accused Stapp of leaking the tape intentionally in an effort to boost sales of his solo album.

Rock is not named in the woman's suit.

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