"My Day With Leo" is similar to the adventures of Flat Stanley. Except with Leonardo DiCaprio instead of that rando Stanley. Some anonymous photographer is taking pictures of "Leo" doing various things around New York City and posting them to Instagram.

And it all started with a picture of Leo and a Swan at Peter Pan Donut and Pastry Shop. 

"Coffee & the mornin paper #mydaywithleo"

The swan picture was a popular picture at first:

Then the pictures got fancier.

Whoever's behind "My Day With Leo" describes it as "a continuing art project that parodies 90s Leo mania by physically placing cutouts of 90s Leo in everyday settings and photographing the results." Whatever, it's Flat Stanley but with Leonardo DiCaprio. That said, things with Leonardo DiCaprio are always better than things without Leonardo DiCaprio.

"Did someone say falafels? I love falafels #mydaywithleo"

"A New York man should have a nice stoop #mydaywithleo"

"apples and oranges #mydaywithleo"

"Ahhhhhh finally some peace and quiet #mydaywithleo"

"Untitled #mydaywithleo"

"I'd kill for a donut #mydaywithleo"

"Maybe it was just the lighting but suddenly I was begging her to stay #mydaywithleo"

"#throwbackthursday Haha oh man this pic taken so long ago #mydaywithleo"

"Wonder why "Gimme a big blue sky or gimme death" isn't a thing people say, because man that's how I feel sometimes. #mydaywithleo #poughkeepsie"

Follow the adventure @mydaywithleo!

[H/T Jezebel]

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