When it comes to red carpet glam, sometimes it's best to go retro.

In addition to bold lips and a smoky eye, one way to achieve a '20s look is with a sculpted wavy hairstyle, similar to the ones sported in The Great Gatsby. 

To get the scoop on this coveted 'do, we chatted with Pantene celebrity stylist Kim Kimble, who gave us her 7 top tips on how to create roaring ‘20s hair.

1. Curl your hair into larger, barrel curls. To get an authentic '20s look, add a deep side part as well, Kimble suggests.

2. Then, take a bit of Pantene Pro V texturizing wax, put it in your palms, rub them together to emulsify the product and run your hands through your hair to apply the wax and create a polished hair ‘do.

3. Next, spray Pantene's Keragloss oil mist on the hair to add some shine, and brush your waves out.

4. As you prepare to sculpt the hair, take duck bill clips and place them on the hair to hold it in place. This is where you'll create the waves.

5. Then, add more texturing wax to control the flyaways in the hair while the duck bill clips are in place.

6. Next, pin the hair to hold it in place before you roll the hair into sections. You will pin the middle, then the left side and then the right side.

7. When you're done with that, remove the duck bill clips, use your curling iron to smooth out the waves and finish the look with another round of Keragloss oil mist.

Check out Kimble's full styling video above to see her full technique in action!

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