Scott Stapp has joined his sex tape costar Kid Rock in the battle to keep their on-camera exploits private.

The former Creed frontman sued World Wide Red Light District in Los Angeles in an effort to block the company from distributing a video that shows him and Rock cavorting with four female fans.

Last month, Rock's attorneys filed a similar suit in Detroit and won a preliminary injunction barring Red Light District from posting the tape on its inventively named sites, and

The footage in question was shot back in 1999 when the two artists were touring together, but only became public recently. In his lawsuit, Stapp's lawyer claims the "video diary" of the tour was stolen from a safe in the rocker's house, an allegation Red Light District has denied.

According to Stapp's court filing, Red Light District violated his trademark and privacy rights, and caused him embarrassment, pain, suffering and emotional distress by circulating the footage.

Earlier this month, Stapp told AP Radio that the release of the sex tape was the work of "someone" with an axe to grind.

"Obviously, someone wants to hurt me, and doesn't want me to be successful in my solo career," Stapp said.

For his part, Rock also blames "someone" for the release of the tape--namely, Stapp.

"[Stapp] is the idiot because it's out," Rock told the AP. "I'm holding him responsible."

Rock isn't the only one pointing fingers at the self-proclaimed Christian rocker.

A woman identified only as "Jane Doe," who claims to be featured on the tape as "the star of the females," has filed suit against Stapp and Red Light District alleging invasion of privacy, unauthorized use of her likeness and infliction of emotional distress.

Doe also essentially accused Stapp of leaking the tape intentionally in an effort to boost sales of his solo album.

Amid all the sex tape hoopla, the court system did come up with some good news for Stapp last week.

The Los Angeles City Attorney's Office elected not to press charges against the musician for allegedly being publicly intoxicated at the time he attempted to board a Hawaii-bound plane for his honeymoon, just hours after tying the knot with beauty queen Jaclyn Nesheiwat Feb. 10 in Miami.

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