Mad Men Season 7

Frank Ockenfels/AMC

Don Draper is back. Well, almost.

A new teaser trailer for season 7 of Mad Men has hit the web.

In the super-short video clip, Jon Hamm's character is seen decked out in his signature dark business suit and tie. Draper walks down stairs as he disembarks from an airplane in slow motion. As he exits the jet towards the airport tarmac, he slowly puts on his hat.

The 15-second AMC teaser trailer ends with the message, "Mad Men Takes Off Sunday April 13 10/9C."

That means Mad Men fans have just over a month till the hit show returns!

The new season will undoubtedly include some airport scenes as the cast was seen filming at LAX back in November 2013, the same day a tragic shooting occurred at the famed airport.

Season seven will be broken up into two batches of seven episodes each. The second set of episodes won't air until next year, meaning fans definitely have some time before they have to officially say goodbye to Don Draper and company.

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