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Scandal turned up the heat in tonight's jam-packed hour, while Grey's Anatomy broke hearts everywhere with a very sudden and heart-wrenching breakup.

Plus, We've got all the best moments from The Vampire Diaries, Parks and Recreation, the GIF of the Night and more! But be warned… There are spoilers ahead!

American Idol: Did you see that [Spoiler!] was voted off of American Idol? Or that Harry Connick Jr. threw some subtle shade at Randy Jackson? Check out our Idol recap for everything you may have missed, and let us know if you think that Harry should switch shows and become a mentor on The Voice

Scandal According to tonight's episode title, you're not supposed to touch the first ladies—but that didn't stop Andrew and Mellie from sharing a hot and steamy smooch! Here's their backstory: In the month's after Fitz's father forced himself on Mellie, she became withdrawn and terrified of any kind of psychical touch, especially Fitz's. So Mellie tried to end her sorrows with a bottle full of pills, but Andrew saved her life just in time. However, unlike Olivia, as Mellie so viciously pointed out, she never slept with Andrew or betrayed her marriage.  

Harrison's hot, blast from the past, gifted him with a briefcase full of money and blackmailed him into being her new puppet boy. But who's the real puppet-master here? Mama Pope, of course! She's working with Adnan Salif, and we have a feeling that these gorgeous gals are up to no good. Olivia also admitted to Fitz that she "doesn't know" if she has feelings for Jake. And of course, Jake witnessed this entire Oval Office conversation because being the head of B613 gives you secret perks like that. 

Vampire Diaries

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The Vampire Diaries: Brace yourselves, because we're a bout to throw a who lotta crazy at you: Due to Tyler's werewolf bite at the end of last week's episode, Nadia died tonight. The sweetest and most amazing moment came when Katherine, desperate to make up for all the years that she was never there for her daughter, gave Nadia the most perfect, final memory: Nadia, as a young girl, frolicking with her mother and exchanging "I love you's" before being tucked into bed.

Unfortunately this was not the only death of the evening: Wes was killed by Damon (Yay!), but Katherine was finally and permanently killed as well, (Nooo!) Here's the catch: Unlike most supernatural beings, Kat was not allowed to cross through Bonnie into the other side. Instead, she was banished to a dark side that is essentially pure hell. As for Elena? Katherine gave her doppelganger a final parting gift: she was injected with the vampire blood-craving virus. Yikes! 

Grey's Anatomy

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Grey's Anatomy: Oh what a tangled web we weave, when there's alcohol involved. Tonight, Cristina decided to get all kinds of wasted and went over to Owen's place to congratulate him on decided to get a real place with his lady-love, Emma. However, one thing lead to another and the two former flames had hot trailer park sex. (It reminded us so much of early Derek and Meredith!) And just like that, Owen broke up with Emma.

In other news, the hospital put an official ban on romantic relationships, causing Jo to go off on a pissed-off rampage and she even staged a fake "fight" with Karev so she wouldn't be fired for sleeping with her superior. And although we all thought that it was actually Stephanie who lodged the "I hate hospital romances" complaint, we found out that it was actually Leah. She claimed it was interfering with her learning. April and Jackson finally revealed that they got married and Derek discovered that the White House wants him to be running things for the medical advisory board. Yay for MerDer celebration sex!

Parks and Recreation: Waffles for everyone! Leslie received a brand-new (and incredible!) job offer that is worthy of her pristine resume. The blonde beauty has been offered a position in Chicago with the National Park Service! We're not sure if our Pawnee princess will accept the job, but she absolutely, without a doubt, should. As for everyone's favorite bacon-lover? Ron's a daddy! John [middle name redacted] Swanson made his Parks debut tonight, and he was a little bundle of manly excellence. 

Reign: What a royally confusing night! To find out who Mary ended up marrying, plus, a treasure-trove of scoop on upcoming adventures, check out our Reign post-mortem, right here!

GIF of the Night: 

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And the Best Boyfriend of the Year award goes to… The Big Bang Theory's Leonard Hofstadter! When Penny totaled her car in tonight's episode, she came to the emotional realization that she would have to go back to waitressing at the Cheesecake Factory, instead of continuing to pursue her dreams of becoming an actress. So Leonard… bought her a car! It was adorable and we heart them so much. 

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