THE BACHELOR, Juan Pablo Galavis

Randy Holmes/ABC

Juan Pablo Galavis is very close with his family. Very.

In fact, the Bachelor star and his daughter, Camila, live under the same roof as his parents, but it's not what you think (or may have read).

Despite reports claiming Galavis is still living with his mom and dad, E! News confirms with an inside source that it's his parents who "live with him" in an apartment in Miami. The details of their living arrangement were not revealed, but we're pretty sure the Venezuelan sports consultant doesn't mind the homecooked meals and help around the house.

Whether things will change after he pops the question to either Clare or Nikki? We'll have to wait and find out.

However, Nikki the nurse has already had the pleasure of meeting everyone. While they were in his hometown of Miami, Juan Pablo took Nikki on a solo date to Camila's dance recital, where she also met his parents and Carla Rodriguez, Camila's mother and J.P.'s ex.

That wasn't too intense or awkward at all. But hey, she clearly did something right. because she got the rose after that (although, whoever can handle that type of situation deserves more than just a rose).

The Bachelor finale airs Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

—Reporting by Sara Kitnick

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