Mr. and Mrs. Hemsworth did a damn good job when it comes to making babies.

According to Chris Hemsworth, though, Liam Hemsworth is the child their parents wish they'd never had! This [joking, duh] reveal came to light during a behind-the-scenes clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live's 2014 Oscars show, which featured A-list stars recreating YouTube hits into Oscar-winning movies.

As Chris, 30, and Liam, 24, finished their rendition of "Charlie bit my finger," the Thor hunk got serious with his baby brother. "All jokes aside," he said, "I walked past mom before and I heard her saying to dad, 'Oh, f--k, I wish we'd never had Liam."

"She wouldn't say that," Liam said, "not my mom!"

"Yeah, and dad said it, too," Chris chided. "He said, 'If I had to choose one son to die, it'd probably be you [Liam]." (Mr. and Mrs. Hemsworth have three sons; Liam, Chris and Luke Hemsworth, who is just a few years older than Chris).

"Shut your mouth!" Miley Cyrus' ex fired back.

"I couldn't believe he said it either," Chris teased, prompting Liam to grumble back, "I'm gonna sleep with your wife."

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"WHAT?" asked Chris, whose wife Elsa Pataky is pregnant with twins!

Even when they're bickering—and threatening adultery—the Hemsworth brothers are just too cute, though. Even Meryl Streep isn't immune to their charm. "I don't know which one was Liam and which one was Chris," said the 64-year-old actress, "but I just know they're both hot as f--king hell"

You can't really blame Meryl, either, for being what Chris described as "hands-on....very hands on" with him on set.

Watch for yourself, plus see Jimmy, Tom Hanks, Seth Rogen, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and more stars attempt to recreate YouTube's greatest hits!

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