80,000 calories equals about 40 days' worth of food for the average person (based on a 2,000 calorie per day diet). But for Arnold Schwarzenegger, it's simply one giant meal.

The former California governor teamed up with the Epic Meal Time gang, the team behind the You-Tube based Canadian cooking show, which features insanely high-calorie meals.

And leave it to the Terminator himself to whip up a meal with larger-than-life proportions, frying up an enormous sandwich on his own M47 Patton Tank.

"We have the tank right now, ready to cook," Schwarzenegger says as he cracks an ostrich egg on top of the M47. "The steak and egger sandwich, yummy."

Arnold Schwarzenegger


He then whips out 9,840 calories worth of bread (containing 160 g of fat) before piling on 13,215 calories of cheese in addition to 32,215 caloris of bacon (talk about a heart attack).

The steak is then brought out causing Arnold to exclaim, "This sandwich will be so meaty, it will make a weak man cry."

And of course, before he finishes building the massive creation, he does a few triceps pushups up against his sandwich. "For all you pansy at home, that's a steak and egg superset," Harley Morenstein, the creator of Epic Meal Time says.

The sandwich is finally complete with the addition of the ostrich eggs. In total, it contains 78,583 calories and 4,172 grams of fat, and obviously, the men can't wait to chow down.

Would you try the steak and egger? Tell us in the comments!

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