Reign, Adelaide Kane, Amy Brenneman

Christos Kalohoridis/The CW

Here comes the mother of the bride!

Reign fans will finally get to meet Mary's (Adelaide Kane) mother, Marie de Guise, played by Private Practice star Amy Brenneman, in tonight's epic wedding episode of the CW hit drama. After all, a girl can't get married without her mother beside her, right?

And Marie, who has been the acting regent of Scotland while waiting for her daughter to come of age, will have quite the entrance when she makes her debut in "Consummation," as Brenneman tells E! News, "My first thing that I say is 'French court has gone to hell,' and it goes on from there."

Talk about making an entrance!

So what can fans expect from Mary and Marie's reunion after a 10-year separation?

"There's a real formality. Mary is shy. I think probably Marie is shy too, but she has to cover up. But there's also real warmth, and I say to her privately, ‘I wish I could spend more time with you, but I couldn't, I was running a country,'" Brenneman explains. "It's not one note by any stretch."

But Marie will have no issue with expressing her opinion to Mary, especially regarding her daughter's belief in Nostradamus' (Rossif Sutherland) prophecy about Francis' (Toby Regbo) death and letting it cloud her decision-making.

"It's almost like she sweeps in and she finds them all addicted to opium or something," Brenneman laughs. "It's like ‘Wake up, what are we doing, what's happening, what's going on?' So she sort of just wakes them all up."

Reign, Adelaide Kane, Amy Brenneman

Christos Kalohoridis/The CW

Brenneman continues, "She basically reams Catherine for listening to fortune tellers and literally changing the course of nations based on what Nostradamus says."

And while you'd think Marie and Catherine (Megan Follows) would be at each other's throats, Brenneman previews "a real camaraderie" between the two mothers, as well "as genuine concern on Marie's part when I see how beaten down Catherine is. I want her to be feistier actually. It's like, ‘Where did you go, what's happening to you?'"  

Viewers can expect Marie's brief time at French court will have quite the lasting impact on Mary, with Brenneman teasing, "Mary stands on her own two feet a little bit more at the end versus the beginning, like being in contact with me has sort of forced her to grow up."

Hey, what else are mothers for?

For now, Brenneman says she just appears in the one episode, but she's hoping to return if she can squeeze it into her filming schedule for HBO's The Leftovers. "That's going to be tough, but no door was shut."

Reign airs tonight at 9 p.m. on the CW. And make sure to check back with us after the big wedding episode for an exclusive postmortem with star Torrance Coombs!

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