This is Samantha Lee. She makes the most incredible breakfasts you have ever seen. She believes (as she says on her very popular Instagram page) you should "make food that tell a story."

Samantha is mother to two young daughters and says she started making food art in 2008. "When I was heavily pregnant with my second daughter," she writes on her site. "It was to encourage my elder daughter to eat independent after the arrival of her younger sister."

Her food art started simple. "Scissors, knives and toothpicks are my tools," she says. "I like to make something practical, something for everyone to be able to follow."

And then got more and more detailed from there. Now, they really are pieces of artwork made out of food. She says, "I sketch my designs before I make them into food to stay organized and prevent food wastage."

She makes a lot of cats:

The more cats the better:

Here is a lion, which is just a big cat:

It's not just cats. She makes other animals too. Here is a very impressive sheep:

And here are some very adorable bears:

And at Christmas, she makes reindeer:

We would like to pause for a moment here and remind you that THIS IS FOOD.

This is all made out of FOOD.

There are some familiar faces too. Like Charlie Brown:

And Harry Potter:


And Mickey and Minnie (sidebar: OH MY GOD, HOW CUTE IS THIS?):

And real people too, like this Adele which is a dead ringer for Adele:

And this Albert Einstein:

Little Red Riding Hood seems to be a favorite with the Lee family. If you think this is impressive:

Just wait till you see what she does with soup:

Samantha lists the ingredients to each dish on her Facebook. And follow her @leesamantha!

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