Everyone keeps asking Sarah Jessica Parker about a third Sex and the City movie.

And as Ms. Carrie Bradshaw explained to Ellen DeGeneres, "The truth of the matter is, there has been no real conversation about a third movie—at all."

"I know there's a story," SJP clarified, adding jokingly, "whether or not that story is ever told remains truly one of the great mysteries of all time."

"People really wanna know," if we'll see the SATC ladies on the big screen again, Ellen pointed out, but even though SJP didn't have a solid answer to that question, she was still thrilled to have her on the show. And, understandably, Sarah Jessica was happy to be out in sunny California instead of the freezing cold temps in NYC.

"I have not escaped one day of this brutal, unthinkably cold winter," she said, "but I have a sort of secret pride in it. I feel like it's a little bit like a badge of honor."

"Here, we had two days of rain," Ellen quipped. "So I know what you're talking about."

"I know," Sarah Jessica humored her. "I know how you suffered!"

Ellen brought up varying pics of SJP making her way through the snow back on the East Coast, pointing out in one that despite wearing practical footwear, she wasn't wearing any socks!

"I don't wear socks," Sarah Jessica said, "even in the dead of winter. I'm so short that I try to preserve like a little bit of skin to show that there is more of me than meets the eye."

She also wears a hat, she said, but she's "adapted this section of my leg to [tolerate] sub-zero temperatures."

That gives a whole new meaning to getting cold feet!

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