Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga is headed to SXSW!

The Artpop singer will be making her debut performance at the SXSW festival in Austin next week on Thursday, March 13, atop the Doritos #BoldStage.

"I'll be performing for the first time at SXSW on the Doritos Bold Stage at Stubbs!" Gaga tells us exclusively. "I've been wanting to perform my new album Artpop at a festival, and I can't wait for the show. Outside stage, beer, barbecue and music lovers—it's my favorite way to experience music, and I can't wait to share it with the crowd."

Gaga's SXSW gig will benefit her Born This Way Foundation and there's only one way fans can score a chance to see Gaga's show: Complete one of the Doritos Bold Missions challenges! The Bold Missions include:

• #BoldBravery: Fans must share a picture or video that expresses their individuality through a bold action, using the hashtags #BoldBravery and #BoldStage. Fans must upload their best picture expressing their individuality through a bold action using the hashtags #BoldBravery and #BoldStage to Instagram, Twitter or Vine.

• #BoldLeap: Jump from a 30-foot-high platform and grab the dangling #BoldStage ticket.

• #BoldPerformer: Perform on the street using the instruments the Doritos brand provides and earn $10 from the crowd in 10 minutes or less.

• #BoldHaircut: Find the Doritos barber and get an electrifying haircut in front of a wild crowd. Don't get shocked by your new look.

• #BoldSuitcase: Trade your suitcase and everything in it for a Doritos suitcase. Keep it for 48 hours and wear what's inside to Lady Gaga's show.

• #BoldRace: Skate one lap against Roller Derby pros and get the flag from the lead jammer, all while wearing an inflatable sumo wrestler suit.

For the chance to have an all-expenses paid trip to Austin, fans can complete #BoldBravery, the first bold mission issued by Lady Gaga. Gaga and Doritos will pick their favorite entry and award that person the winning trip. All other missions can be completed on the ground in the days leading up to the big event. Doritos representatives will be on hand to witness the challenge and add your name to the list as soon as the mission is complete.

As for the boldest thing that Gaga has ever done to catch her favorite musical act live? "The craziest bold thing I've ever done to see an artist live was when I went to see Iggy and The Stooges at an outdoor festival," she tells us. "My friend Lady Starlight and I ripped our shirts off and ran towards the stage topless during '1969.' We laughed so hard I think we peed our jean shorts. We were feet away from Iggy [Pop]. I'll never forget it."

Check out Gaga's SXSW announcement video above where she explains the first of the many Doritos Bold Mission challenges!

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