If you can't beat 'em, join 'em—right, Kate McKinnon?

In a nod to Girls, the Saturday Night Live star doffs her top in a promo for Lena Dunham's March 8 hosting gig. "Lena, I thought we said on the phone that we would both wear the same outfit," she says. Dunham apologizes, tells McKinnon, "At the last minute I changed my mind. I should have called."

"Yeah, you should have, because this is all I brought today," McKinnon replies, gesturing to her bare chest. "I have tons of errands to run after this. I have a speaking engagement at a high school."

"So you might want to stop at the shirt store on the way?" Dunham suggests.

"Oh yeah?" McKinnon says sarcastically. "Ya think?"

Lena Dunham, SNL


In another bit, the comedienne pitches a new character: "Lena, we are so excited that you're here. I love Girls so much. I would love to be on the show one day. I don't need to have a big part. I could just be a character who moves in with Hannah and just follows her around and does everything with her."

"Okay, well that actually sounds like it would be a very big part," Dunham tells McKinnon.

The SNL star then asks, "What if I was just a person who killed Hannah and then lived as her?"

Terrified, Dunham tells the crew, "Okay, I want this promo to end now."

Watch the video to see Dunham call McKinnon a "slut-witch" and to see "two young feminists" dance!

(E! and Saturday Night Live are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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