John Travolta butchered Idina Menzel's name when he introduced her at the 2014 Oscars on Sunday, and no one—including Gabourey Sidibe—is sweeping this great gaffe under the rug just yet!

The Precious star poked some good-natured fun at Travolta's "Adele Dazeem" flub on Tuesday's Chelsea Lately, but she made sure to point out, "He did a great job with the word wickedly!"

"Unfortunately I was backstage and I missed the biggest moment of the entire broadcast," said Sidibe, who guest hosting the show in Chelsea Handler's absence. "I'm not talking about when the pizza was delivered—well, I am a little bit because I ordered pepperoni—[but] I'm talking about when John Travolta butchered Idina Menzel's name!"

"What was that?" she said with a laugh. "It was crazy...I actually feel badly for John...Give the guy a break! He's not the only one who has trouble pronouncing things..."

Sidibe then showed a clip of Chuy Bravo attempting to pronounce her name while recording a special voiceover for her guest hosting gig. Handler's assistant struggled to get both "Gabourey" and "Sidibe" to roll of his tongue correctly, and on top of that, he had to try and say it at different volumes and in different tones, too!

Words can be difficult sometimes.

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