The Tomorrow People

Jack Rowand/The CW

Three little words.

OK, so John (Luke Mitchell) doesn't say those three words (I love you, duh) to Astrid (Madeleine Mantock) in tonight's episode of The Tomorrow People, but he does say three pretty important words to her: "I'm right here." 

"Jastrid" fans are really going to enjoy this exclusive sneak peek at the CW' freshman drama's "Enemy of my Enemy," which finds Astrid turning to her new, ahem, friend for support after her near-death experience. John's remedy? Another near-death experience! (And handholding, that too.)

To help Astrid conquer her fear of dying, John decides she needs to face death again by jumping out of a moving train with him.

"Fear doesn't have to own you, fear is something you can control," he tells a hesitant Astrid, who admits, "I don't want to die."

He then asks that very important question: "Do you trust me?" And for good measure, John offers Astrid his hand. 

So does Astrid take his hand and jump out of the train with him? And why is John "scared"? Watch our exclusive sneak peek above to find out!

The Tomorrow People airs tonight at 9 p.m. on the CW.

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