At least this police officer is: Meet our new favorite cop, New Orleans P.D. Cold Case Homicide Detective Winston Harbin. When he's not protecting, he's swerving.

Over the weekend, a Mardi Gras-er caught Harbin and detective Decynda Barnes doing "the Wobble" (which is apparently a dance craze that we somehow missed? We know the Dougie, we know the Cupid Shuffle, why don't we know the Wobble?). This isn't his first time either—(he did it for Mardi Gras in 2013 too).

Adorable fact: He learned the Wobble for his daughter's wedding.

"I'm subject to the Wobble at any moment," he told The Times-Picayune. "I was walking down the street...and the song was on. I asked my partner, 'Should I Wobble?' Detective Stephanie Taillon told him to proceed without her. " 

A NOPD spokesperson said, "His moves have gotten better."

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