Little Girl Conductor


Sometimes a video comes along that proves that there is some form of higher power looking out for us. A higher power that waves his or her or its arms and graces us with a viral video so magical, so amazing, that it must have come from above.

That video is this little girl "conducting" a church choir in Kyrgyzstan. You may have already seen this video if you watch Kathie Lee and Hoda on the 18th fourth hour of Today. But if you haven't, then you are about to have a much better day than the one you are currently having.

This little girl is so into the choir that she just has to move along to the music with dramatic arm motions and just the best facial expressions since Jennifer Lawrence made these faces.

There is nothing we can say to do this video justice, so just watch it and smile:

We love her.

Don't you feel like you can accomplish anything now?! The world is amazing because this little girl lives in it!

(H/T Gawker)

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