Jaime King: BFF Jessica Alba Showed Me How to Be a Great Mom

Exclusive mommy scoop from the actress!

By Brett Malec, Jennifer Cooper Mar 04, 2014 7:28 PMTags
Jessica Alba, Jaime KingTodd Williamson/Getty Images

Jaime King is gushing about motherhood!

The 34-year-old actress, who welcomed son James Knight almost five months ago, is opening up about planning play dates with her close circle of friends, which includes lots of brand-new hot Hollywood mamas.

"My good friend Michelle Monaghan just had a baby," King told us recently at the Women in Film Oscars party in Hollywood. "One of my really close friends Teresa Palmer just had a baby like three days ago and then my girlfriend Malin [Akerman] had a baby. And then Jenna Dewan-Tatum had a baby!"


King added, "But Jessica Alba is the godmother to my son James Knight. She is such an incredible parent and I chose her because she really showed me what it is like to be a great mom and a great working mom."

King says it was BFF Alba who she looked to for how to be a good parent while maintaining a job. "It was really just watching her over the years, the balance that she creates," the Hart of Dixie star gushed. "She had kids before anyone in our group of friends did and I thought after having a baby, how much courage that takes and how much information you need to know...and watching Jessica really come to her own and create this Honest [company] of all of these products that are good for the planet, good for children. It's just so great knowing I have someone that is like a sister that did so much for women and families."

As for her baby weight gain, King said she stayed in shape during pregnancy. She dished, "I did prenatal yoga, ballet beautiful, some Pilates with Mari Winsor, but not too much. It was all gentle 'cause I was working so much."